At the event New ESSENS GRAND OPENING was officially baptised also a new book which captures by unusual artistic way the birth and construction of the New ESSENS headquarters. The author is reputable and world-renowned photographer Roman Franc, which is primarily engaged in portrait photography and his images are often being exposed worldwide. The list of famous personalities who had the opportunity to being photographed by him, include former Czech President Vaclav Havel or also Dalai Lama.

In agreement with Mr Michal Kovar, one of the ESSENS co-owners, he accepted his challenge and after several long months of documenting the construction of the building from its very beginning. During this activity, it was decided that the most interesting photographs will be published in book form. And this luxurious book was presented to the public on the day of our unique events. The book can be purchased only through orders via e-mail for the price of 40 EUR and will be shipped directly from the Brno headquarters. Book with beautiful art photographs you can also admire in electronic form.