The Grand Opening

The ceremony New ESSENS GRAND OPENING held to celebrate the completion of a brand new modern headquarter ESSENS EUROPE, to which our company is incredibly proud of, because it’s worldwide known that only 10% of multilevel companies have their own headquarters. ESSENS made it in less than five years of its existence, mainly due to all the members of the ESSENS Club who fell in love with with our highest quality products and proudly distribute them across Europe and beyond.

The building process has started in November 2014, in December 2015 we calebrated the colaudation of the new building. At the beginning of January 2016, we could move from the existing and not suitable facilities to the new one. The whole area has 5,400 square meters, of which 1,450 square meters is built up. The administrative part of the building has area of 1,200 square meters. Warehouse space with its 850 square meters has a capacity of over 615 pallet positions, one of which is permanently manned by about 90%. With built-in guide lines that serve as guides for the induction of modern handling equipment, ensures safety and accuracy required activities because stacker between the narrow shelves not veers to the side, but can only to ride forward and backward. With this latest technology would be possible to use all the warehouse spacer to maximum.

For the whole construction was needed 753 trucks of construction material . It was used 280 m3 of concrete in the construction book described 600 pages and site manager Martin Safranek spent on the construction of a total of 3,600 hours.

The building features also two training rooms, which if necessary, can be turn into a huge lecture hall with a capacity of 120 seats with help of mobile panel walls.

The entire building is equipped with efficient lighting using LEDs, including special lights that illuminate the unique floral wall stretching which extends on 100 m2 along the staircase. We are talking here about the live hydroponic plants, which are total over 3,800 located in special pockets and are regularly watered twice daily by automatized system connected to the computer.

The computer also connected to all safety sensors, which are located in a building over 180 and including fire sensors, system of attendance of employees as well as entry system to individual rooms, which is unique for each employee.

Data from all the sensors together with data from security cameras, which are in the area together 16, store on the main and backup server, which is located right in the company’s area and is made by the latest technology available. In this powerful server ESSENS stores all data from all branches worldwide.

We believe that all events were of course happy to learn many new and useful information about the both headquarters ESSENS EUROPE, as well as the lectures of Mr. PharmDr. Krajicek. All guests had fun while having great food and drink and listening to live music that accompanied us throughout the whole event.

We hope that all participants arrived home safe and didn’t regret Saturday spent in Brno with us and are proud that they are part of something so wonderful as ESSENS is.

Last but not the least, we would like to thank everyone who has personally arrived to our new headquarter ESSENS, thank you for your participation and for the creating of a very warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere that surrounded us throughout the whole day.

Big thank to all of you!