On the day of the event New ESSENS GRAND OPENING was again re-measuremened and finally officialy registered in the Czech Databank of Records as the highest and largest sand sculpture in Central Europe. This important event was held under the eye of commissioner of the Agency Dobrý den, the only one in the Czech Republic which has the authority to make any change in the Czech Book of Records.

The highest and largest sand sculpture has a height of 565 cm and widely surpassed all previous records. Statue titled as "BIG Flacon" was built over a whopping 28 days, a total of 80-membered production team who participated in the creation of records for 8 in the Czech Republic and other European countries. The status of the record sand sculptures were needed 150 tons of natural quicksand.The resulting sculpted details of the entire works of sculptors took just five days of hard work. "It was the hardest and most elaborate statue in our history, because it consists of several meters of vertical walls, which are made only of loose sand without any internal reinforcement or other support, and that was probably the most difficult on this statue, even more difficult than the actual construction giant heights statues," said Ing. Martina Homolová of the implementation team, which also added: "The city of Brno can boast a record sand sculptures, exceptional artistic landmark which is an absolute rarity for the whole of Central Europe." Interesting is certainly the fact that the statue in its good condition will last the whole year 2016 and will be open to the public at no charge.